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Result Group is a facilitator of third party testing for the hemp industry through the Med/Rec Cannabis testing facilities in Colorado. The major advantage beside better pricing and turnaround time is oversight. The ISO accredited labs we currently offer are all audited and overseen by the MED and CDPHE and Certified for Colorado Hemp Compliance Testing.

Membership is a $20 a month fee, auto renew, cancel at anytime.

If one were to join Metrc themselves ($250/year), sign up (Co Hemp Registration Required $500/year) wait at least a week or more to get tags and then still must figure out how to use Metrc, which is one of the most challenging and time consuming parts.

With us, become a member. Fill out an order form for the tests desired, we confirm and send you manifests, members print out manifests then can either drop off at the lab of their choice, request courier pick up (Not all labs or locations available), or out of state members can mail directly to our PO Box. Pay the invoice, we send all results back to members directly.

We accept registered farmers, extractors and cbd brands from anywhere in the United States/Canada. We receive samples via USPS P.O. Box.

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